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My given name is Carlton Denning. My mother actually named me after one of her boyfriends, why, I never really found out but my dad seemed to be OK with it. I have other names as well, usually given to me by others in the course of an adventure or event. These names will be revealed as we go through the different adventures. I won’t tell you what my wife calls me on different occasions.

I grew up in Miami, Florida and had a wonderful childhood. I pretty much got away with what I wanted to do even under the watchful and somehow all-knowing eyes of my mother. (She always seemed to find out things…..) Knowing the difference between right ad wrong was the main attribute my dad instilled in me and I always pushed my actions to that limit. It seemed to work…..most of the time.

I live with my wife Robin (22 years) in Candler, North Carolina, where I make by base camp. It is from here that I research, plan and implement my excursions. I have 2 daughters, 1 son, 3 granddaughters and another on the way (don’t know the gender yet), 2 dogs, 1 cat and anything else that wonders in to the yard. If this isn’t enough to keep me busy, I have 2 jobs, I’m building a house and I am continuously planning new treks.

I have been a firefighter for 22 years (yes, I met my wife when I was in rookie school) with the city of Asheville Fire Department. I worked my way up the ladder to my current position as Divsion Chief of Operations for C-shift. It’s the best job in the world. More on this later.

So here I am at my computer getting started on this web site. After much thought, I decided to utilize this site as a way to put my thoughts down in writing, a way to record things I do. Who knows, maybe somebody will even read this one day. We’ll see. I’ll try to make it interesting.   




4 Responses to “Who the hell am I?”

  1. Tom Haynie Says:

    Good job Carl, writing helps to put alot of what goes on with us in some sort of logical order, while also helping us to find a priority in it all – lessens the ‘baggage’ of it all.

    ‘keep on keepin on….’

  2. rusty Says:

    my heart hopes things will get better,you`r my prince charmin,who`s made my dreams come to either love me or take your leave.some how i weill go on. last least i have family.

  3. rusty Says:

    roll black water,

  4. rusty Says:

    post this

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