There are six teams of 3 mismatched contestants who I will introduce as we go along. The race begins in New York and ends in LA. Each day teams are given an envelope with a small amount of cash and an address to the next destination. It is up to the teams to work together using whatever means to find and arrive at the location first, thus ending a “leg” of the race.

The following morning begins with a “challenge” of some sort. Teams continue the race in the order in which they complete the challenge. Variables to finishing the challenge include using “EZ passes,” “sabotoge” and “alliances.”

EZ passes may be used to opt out of a challenge which could put you in first place.
EZ passes are collected along the race route by stopping to help someone stranded on the side of the road. The catch is we don’t know if it is “staged” by the production team or if it is really someone stranded. If we stop and it is real, we have wasted precious time, but if it is in fact staged, we are rewarded with an EZ pass.

“Sabotage” may be perpetrated on any team by any team as long as another team’s car is not touched in any way. For example, one could not pour sugar in the gas tank or let the air out someone’s tires. One could, however, padlock someone’s hotel door so they could not exit or hire some kids to block a team’s vehicle in the parking lot so they are delayed in starting the race.

“Alliances” (where have we heard that word?) are formed between teams to assist in a plan of sabotage or other purpose.

Once a challenge is completed, teams are again given an address to the next destination and they hit the road. Speed limits must be adhered to and are checked randomly via GPS by covert vehicles and even helicopters. If a team is caught exceeding the speed limit, they are penalized with a 30 minute time out which all but puts you in last place for that leg of the race.

Each team has a director/cameraman in their vehicle who acts as a referee and records video. Each car is also equiped with in-car cameras that record all the action.

The team that locates and crosses the finish line on the final day in first place, wins the race and $75,000 is split among the 3 team members.

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  1. rusty Says:

    and who stays behind and takes care of all,I guess it`s the big D–time so you wont have any cares.good luck in your new life

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