Sept. 4, 2012

Muscatine, Iowa UM 455 to Keithsburg, Illinois UM427

Around noon, Gator and I walked over to the local subshop for a quick bite before pushing off. We had a great sub and headed down-river towards lock # 17. 

NOTE: I just want you all to know how crazy it is trying to do this blog. I write it a certain way in a logical order with pictures in order of conversation but when I post it to the blog, the software publishes it in a randow fashion for you to see. It is very frustrating but I have to let it do what it is going to do, for now. I just hope it is Ok for you to read. I have tried everything I can to make the corrections. Also, I would be adding many videos of the trip but to upload one would take almost an hour to do so. Please be patient as I tear what’s left of my hair out.

We are now entering no-man’s land where there is endless miles with nothing but wilderness. While it is fine with us, it doesn’t make for interesting blogging. It does, however, make it easier to catch up. Enjoy the pics.

Running low on fuel and unsure when we will see another marina, we flag down some fishermen passing by and ask about some fuel. They tell us about the town of Keithsburg about 10 miles down-river. We soon enter Keithsburg and tie off at a public dock. The only fuel here is several blocks in town so we break out the hand truck, load up a couple of tanks and head into town.

Walkin’ for fuel


We fill up at Casey’s and grab a sandwich. Back at “the Belle” we shower off and set in for the night. Now that the sun is down, it has cooled down and I sit next to the boat on the dock to blog……….again. The bugs soon invade my space with a vengence, my computer screen coorvered with critters. OK, I’ll try this again in the morning. Gator took an awesome picture of the sunset.

Gator and I decide to go investigate this one-horse town and have a beer, there’s always a bar somewhere. We find one and walk in to find Cindy at the bar and one guy playing a video game. It’s amazing how this little bar can survive with so few people, the town is really a ghost town with crumpled buildings and empty streets. Anyway, we do get a beer to pass the time and it’s back to ‘the Belle” for sleep time.

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One Response to “Sept. 4, 2012”

  1. tcflykat Says:

    I am so wishing I could be there. Your day by day simple adventures are the suff my dreams are made of. I did get out on MY river this past Saturday. Johanne and I took our kayak (now powered by an electric trolling motor) from the Fort Pierce North Causeway to the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park AKA the Cove. I was effortlessly steering the kayak as Johanne was riding the 5′ round float behind. (the same float I used last year on the Mississippi) As you can imagine, we got a lot of comments as we passed by all the boats and people hanging out at the cove. Buchshot Bay was there, the food boat with the best cheeseburgers, hotdogs and fries. Was a good day. Made it back to the ramp with 1/3 battery power left. Think we could run the Miss in our kayak?

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