June 2, 2011

I wake up this morning wondering how we managed to make it through the previous day’s catastrophy. People have been telling us that we are lucky to be alive. I think all the planets had to be aligned for us to survive the ordeal. They say that if the dam gates had been closed like they normally are during non-flood stage, we would have collided with the dam and been capsized, swallowed up by the turbulent waters. We damn sure didn’t realize the danger we were actually in at the time. Many thanks to the “powers that be” to get us through!!

After making many phone calls to our established sources up river, they continued to assist us in finding the right people to help here in Muscatine. Now meet Mike and Niegel from Mississippi Marine, two awesome guys with marine experience and big hearts.

Mike and Niegel

Because they lacked a pontoon trailer, we had to make a road trip to Rock Island, Illinois to rent one, thanks to Ann, the rescue, farmgirl chick, loaning us her truck.

Again, with all the planets aligning and the help of the Muscatine Search and Rescue, we were able to get the “Belle” out of the water and over to the mechanic by 5pm that afternoon. Mike and Niegel were kind enough to stay late and remove the motor to do some badly needed motor flushing to keep the engine parts from corroding. Tomorrow, Gator and I will rebuild the transom. We head back to the hotel (we’re getting real tired of hotel rooms) and crash pretty hard. It was a long rainy day.

June 3, 2011


4 Responses to “UM June 2, 2011”

  1. Ann Brumback Says:

    Farmgirl chick. hahaha that is funny. Glad to see you guys are back on the river. Safe boating..

  2. Bill Farrens Says:

    Terry and I finally caught up with the two of you. Hope the transom is back on and the motor runs well.

    1. livinlif Says:

      Everything’s cool, movin’ on.

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