June 3, 2011

With an undying feeling of hope we start this day with Mike and Niegel at the Mississippi marine shop. With the supplies we purchased from Manard’s, Gator and I rebuild the transom while Mike and Niegel get the motor back in shape.

It’s a hot sunny day and with shirts off we work dilligently to get the “Belle” back on the river.

Mike towed us precariously back to the boat ramp and eased us in by 2 pm we were back in our boat slip. After a little organizing, we took the trailer back to Rock Island and headed to the hotel to shower up and chill. Ann, the rescue girl invited us to a home cooked meal of spare ribs, corn, and garlic bread which we thoroughly enjoyed. We cannot thank Ann enough for all that she has done for us. We litterally would have been out of luck if it wasn’t for her kindness.

We made it back to the hotel by 9pm and crashed. Our brother, Chuck has traveled from Florida to St. Louis to meet up with us. When we get on the water in the morning, we will hopefully meet up with him down river in Burlington. See you then.

June 4, 2011


3 Responses to “UM June 3, 2011”

  1. Herman Says:

    Hey Carl:
    It’s Sunday 6/5 and another day in paradise here at 10. Caught up on your trip this morning. Glad you aren’t bored. Hope your troubles are over for a while. Have fun, don’t crash, take lots of pictures. Get me a shirt from somewhere if it won’t overload your craft.

    1. livinlif Says:

      Thanks Herman I’ll see what i can do. Hopefully, we are good to go. Stay tuned.

  2. Cara Pollard Says:

    Looks like you guys are having an interesting time! I have enjoyed reading everything!

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